Ghinwa and Myriam

Inspiration and Tangibility

Ghinwa, designer and artist, created Maat in 2018 in Beirut. Events brought her to a new direction where she never stopped rebuilding her House. Under the influence of Maat, her goddess of harmony, she meets the legal counsel Myriam, her exact opposite, her completeness. The two of them strike a perfect balance, an osmosis that allows the rebirth of Maat by combining their talents and convictions. The desire to create a jewellery House that combines Eastern and European cultures in a modern vision of femininity. The objective of co-development by promoting Lebanese craftsmanship and giving work to the talented jewellers who have remained. So this new collection celebrates their resistance and resilience and is a step, a small step perhaps, but one more step towards a collective balance and fulfilment, through jewellery!