Harmony as a legacy

Maat is a Lebanese jewelry brand whose creator wishes all women the balance and harmony that this ancient goddess provides. This is why the scarab is her symbol. The symbol of rebirth, because Maat rebuilds herself. It is the symbol of transformation, as this new collection becomes timeless and modern while retaining its oriental inspirations. The scarab is also the effigy of immortality, as Maat revives Lebanese know-how and supports oriental jewelry artisans with its new orders. This amulet also embodies protection, as the harmony of the goddess advocates the blossoming of women who wear Maat jewelry. With this revival, Ghinwa the designer wishes that women pass on Maat jewelry as a heritage.

Shimmering Ochre : the Collection coloured by the Orient

The new Maat collection embodies the warmth of the sun's breath and the sensuality of burning sand in this fiery, oriental and feminine colour: ochre. The iconic scarab is suspended in the Luxor earring, wanders into the neckline with the Giezh tie necklace or nestles in the hollow of the chest for the Thebes body chain. Timeless, another part of the Ochre collection features the Moucharabieh, whose oriental origins inspired all of Europe, particularly during the Art Deco period. This persian and aerial motif plays with its openwork arabesques like so many indiscreet glances thrown through the gold claustras of the Temara earring or the Tyr ring to wind up in the precious rush of the Asilah bracelet.

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